Presented by the journalist, consultant and specialist in education and  media  Alexandre Sayad, directed by Leonardo Brant and produced by Deusdará Filmes, the  series  Age  Media  shows practical and innovative experiences and has the participation of ​ students  of ​ LAB.ME, the Laboratory of  Media Applied to Education, from  University Center for Fine Arts in São Paulo.

Each episode brings  cases  concrete events and a debate with special guests. The first presents the Young Press project, which for over fifteen years has been developing education  media in municipal schools in São Paulo. In the studio, Alexandre Sayad talks with psychoanalyst Vera Iaconelli about how the family can explore reading  media  at home.

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Presentation: Alexandre Sayad Direction:  Leonardo Brant   Executive Production: Graziela Mantoanelli   Art Direction: José Sampaio  Photography Direction:  Felipe Cohen Audio Director: Bernardo Goys Coordination LAB. ME: Pedro Ortiz  Achievement:  Roberto Marinho Foundation and Deusdará Films  Production:  God will give movies  Support:  Fine Art University Center  Duration: 13 episodes   Year: 2020


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